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i've lived for about an estimated 22 years. i love anything in pink, green, or purple. i believe that well behaved women RARELY make history. i make little things, do hair and makeup, and really enjoy making clothes. my heroes are THE JOKER, Tinkerbell, Harley Quinn, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.i generally ♥ cute-ass things, legend of zelda, peter pan, the disney princesses, elizabeth bathory, pretty pictures, urban legends, herbs, sewing, music, flowers, and the lost boys! i generally anti-♥ liars, meanies, smelly things, cat litter, cockroaches, bedtimes, riding the bus, and copy cats. i also happen to suffer from severe insomnia. YAY!

definitely making one for kalani.

forgive me ahead of time


so, please, don’t be annoyed at all my diy wedding posts. i’m excited and broke. i’m doing almost all of this myself.